KW Wine Makers Guild | About The Wine Makers Guild
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About The Wine Makers Guild





The KW Winemakers’ Guild

is one of the oldest winemaking clubs in Ontario. Since 1974, the KW Winemakers’ Guild has stood out amongst the top winemaking clubs in Canada, and over the past 20 years our club has been the top club in Ontario and Canada numerous times due to the calibre and expertise of our long term members.


Over the past 15 years several of our current and past members have been the Canadian and/or Ontario Grand Champion Wine Maker and Cider Makers. We take pride in sharing our knowledge with new members so that they too may become excellent winemakers. Several of our members are also wine judges with the Wine Judges of Canada which helps us to understand the merits of the wines we craft.


The KW Winemakers’ Guild is a club of up to 12 individuals that are passionate about making high quality wine. We produce wine from grapes, fruit, and other ingredients. We have access to several high quality grape growers in the Niagara area as well as several in California, Washington, Chile and other wine regions.


We have club owned equipment that as members we have the use of a Crusher and Destemer, Bladder press, Oak Barrels and a Stainless Steel Tank. As a group we usually do 2 or 3 club projects each year where we will make, in bulk, 2 or 3 different varieties and then split them up among the participating members. As a result of our connections we also have access to wine related chemicals and additives that are normally reserved for the winery trade.


The focus of the KW Winemakers’ Guild is on making high quality wine, educating of our members, entering wines into competition (to receive professional feedback), and fellowship among our members.


Our club generally meets the 2nd Thursday of each month between Sept and June. At these meetings we will usually choose a topic on winemaking and then do tastings of several wines that members have brought for feedback. We normally have three social functions per year where we include our significant other that includes a Summer BBQ, Christmas party, and regional Club wine competitions.


We have annual dues of approximately $150 per year. As a member of the club, you would be required to purchase your own carboys, yeasts, additives, corker, and some minor test equipment. Typically a new member would be expected to make 4-6 carboys (3-4 different varieties) in their first year or two.

As a club, we will mentor you and provide the knowledge for you to make some high quality wine.


As a member of the KW Winemakers’ Guild you are automatically registered with the Amateur Winemakers of Ontario and will receive a subscription to Winemakers Magazine as well as having the opportunity to attend the annual festival and attend many educational seminars on winemaking.


If you are interested in pursuing an association with our club please click here to contact us.