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Grand Champion wine maker has local roots

Mat Vaughan was recently named grand champion winemaker by the Amateur Winemakers of Ontario.Mat also makes a gold medal winning cider.

Listen to Mat’s radio spot with Craig Norris here.


Building a vineyard from the ground up

Mat Vaughan dreams of turning a humble plot of earth into a winery

Mat Vaughan in the news for winning grand champion wine maker and a story about his vineyard. Click here to read more.

Mat Vaughan, 32, is no ordinary winemaking hobbyist. He just won a gold medal and the title of Grand Champion Cider maker at the annual Amateur Winemakers of Ontario competition for what he called his best cider yet.
Rod Frketich, Record Staff

Mat Vaughan brings home gold with his homemade cider.

Mat Vaughan in the news for winning grand champion hard cider. Click here to read article.